Coverings Announces National Tile Day and ‘Why Tile’ Contest

Coverings Announces National Tile Day and 'Why Tile' Contest

On February 23, Coverings recognizes National Tile Day, a day dedicated to recognizing tile as a timeless element of architecture and design.

Around the world, tile plays a variety of roles, revealing its durability and flexibility over thousands of years. From the modest to the sublime, tile proves to be one of the most practical building materials.

According to the show’s organizers, “Tile finds its way into rooms in every home from outdoor spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, and from commercial to industrial spaces. Tile is utilized for its sustainability, durability, and energy efficiency over other materials but also simply because of the elevated aesthetic it provides to any room.”

Leading up to the day, industry professionals can post on Twitter and Instagram about why you choose tile and by sharing examples of projects using the #WhyTile and #Coverings2017.

Join Coverings in celebrating National Tile Day by sharing why you choose tile with #WhyTile and #Coverings2017. Be inspired and share your inspiration.

You can view the events scheduled for February 23 here, as well as finding additional details on how you can get involved with National Tile Day!

Don’t forget: Tell Coverings why you choose tile and show them your favorite tiles by sharing your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the tags #WhyTile and #Coverings2017 in the caption, and by tagging Coverings. They’ll repost their favorites!  Good luck!