Giulio Iacchetti’s ‘Labyrinth’ Latest Collection for Ceramiche Refin

Labyrinth for Ceramiche Refin at Cersaie 2015

Labyrinth, featuring Giulio Iacchetti’s creative flair, is the new collection of DesignTaleStudio for Ceramiche Refin

Traces and signs inspired by a mythological past. The patterns of the new collection Labyrinth, created by DesignTaleStudio – Ceramiche Refin‘s creative laboratory, pay tribute to legendary images of classical antiquity. Entwined lines, superimpositions and inextricable traces constitute an archetypal theme in the development of two and three-dimensionality which has fascinated writers, artists, poets and architects intent on confining chaos within a semblance of order.

From illusions impressed on stone or in green, to countless designs by Giovanni Battista Piranesi: the boldest daringly embraced the theme of ‘never ending’, resulting in a veritable graphic and conceptual manifesto. Last but not least, the designer Giulio Iacchetti’s desire to embrace the challenge accepted by DesignTaleStudio: “For me, envisaging and designing a surface means attempting to achieve the concepts of infinity and three-dimensionality, starting from a modular design which extends without limits into space.”

Labyrinth evokes a sense of depth and loss through the alternation of zigzags, lines broken at varying levels, linear edges and geometric complexities. The idea enhances the expressive potential of ceramic cladding and becomes a synthetic manuscript of past experiences, condensed and relived, resulting in a product imbued with cultural value, mental utopia and dreams of infinity.