Flaviker’s Supreme Collection Emulates Timeless Marble

Flaviker Supreme

The new SUPREME marble-look collection from Flaviker offers a highly contemporary
interpretation of this timeless natural material in a range of unconventional sizes, finishes and decorative elements.

SUPREME is the result of painstaking research and customized graphic design work
conducted in the Flaviker R&D laboratories. Five different varieties of marble were selected,
ranging from those most closely linked to the Italian artistic tradition to rarer and more exotic types with powerful decorative appeal.

Royal Statuario is inspired by the world-famous aesthetics and luminosity of Carrara marble
and is ideal for use in modern architecture. Silver Dream emulates the characteristics of
Bardiglio Imperiale in a decidedly more modern shade of grey and a wide variety of graphic
designs. Golden Calacatta reproduces the characteristic golden veins of the eponymous
natural stone, while Exotic Brown offers a free interpretation of the Indian marble known as
“Frappuccino.” Onix Prestige is based on a blend of different types of onyx in which simpler
areas alternate elegantly with details of crystalline intrusions.

Flaviker selected two types of surface for this new collection: natural, with the appearance of a slab of marble that has not yet been machined, and antiqued, which emulates the timeworn effect of years of foot traffic. Available in the large sizes 60×120 cm, 30×120 cm and 60×60 cm rectified, Supreme increases the design and expressive capabilities of marble, while the original “mix sizes” and “mix floor” versions allow for dynamic, contemporary installations that capture all the beauty and expressive potential of the natural material.

The unique characteristics of the Supreme collection make it ideal for use in conjunction with the brand’s latest and most prestigious collections in both residential and public projects. Produced using the new Wall&Porcelain ceramic technology, the collection is complemented by decorative panels ideal for coordinated walls.

The SUPREME collection boasts a 40% content of recycled material, demonstrating
Flaviker’s continuous focus on sustainable building and its commitment to meeting the
requirements of LEED, which promotes the design of buildings with a low environmental