Supergres’ Remake Series Mimics Vintage Wood

Ceramiche Supergres REMAKE porcelain tile

Designed to evoke the charm and richness of a material that tells a story, Ceramiche Supergres has introduced REMAKE, a porcelain floor tile that mimics aged wood with a timeworn appeal set by by marks, layers of paint and streaks etched on the surface.

The name of the collection is a push towards the return to handcrafted materials, to the recovery of natural, aged materials marked by time. For this purpose, the surfaces have intentionally been left raw and unfinished. These imperfections are flaunted in the REMAKE collection as an ode to the aesthetic standard, a new kind of imperfect and incomplete beauty.

There are four colors offered (White, Gold, Brown, Grey), each characterized with strong graphics and chromatic variability.

According to Surpergres, the Ecolabel certification has been requested for the series. The Remake Brown color contains recycled materials that contribute to LEED credits (MR 4).