Virtual Room: Innovation, Planning from Ceramiche Caesar

Virtual Room: Innovation, Planning from Ceramiche Caesar

Virtual Room: Innovation, Planning from Ceramiche Caesar

Caesar, a producer of Made in Italy ceramic surfaces of technical and aesthetic excellence, has created a new viewer, that allows users to realistically view Caesar materials in their rooms and experiment with different combinations of floor and wall solutions through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Caesar’s Virtual Room results from the company’s need to push its services through any possible channel, enriching the digitization process.

The tool makes it possible to create high-definition images capable of expressing the impact of tiles on wall and floor coverings in the best possible way, while at the same time highlighting their size and main characteristics.

Its operation is simple: after connecting to the site the user will have to choose a room from the available proposals (bathroom, lounge or kitchen) or alternatively take a photo or upload an image of their own room.

Now, the user will be inside the configurator: the menu on the left (from tablet and PC) and the bar at the bottom (from smartphone) will guide the user through the different Caesar collections sorted according to specific filters, allowing to directly upload the wished porcelain stoneware slab to the chosen environment.

Caesar’s desire to constantly innovate becomes even stronger with Virtual Room, which once again confirms the company’s commitment to offering high-level services for its customers.

In the name of a profound love for the material, Virtual Room enhances porcelain stoneware, transforming it into something superior: a true design object, capable of stimulating the imagination of the end user who, thanks to this technology, is finally free to view and evaluate in real time the opportunities offered by the vast range of products from the Fiorano Modenese-based company.

With a powerful tool that creates a strong engagement to bring the company even closer to its customers, Caesar offers everyone the opportunity to become the protagonist of their own design: with its simple use, Virtual Room presents itself as a fun and professional way to create one’s own spaces, evaluating the different style opportunities and totally customizing the look of the rooms thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by Caesar.