Mahnaz Saedi

Tile artisans are increasingly posting their works on Instagram, which is exactly where I found Mahnaz Saedi. Although she just recently started working with tiles, her eye for color and patterns is one of a mature, experienced artisan.


Mahnaz Saedi


Q. Where are you located?
A. I live in Tehran, Iran.

Q. What first interested you in making tiles?
A. The fact that the work is specialized and I can show my creativity and talent in producing new designs.

Q. What inspires your designs and color choices?
A. When I’m in a quiet and peaceful place, I can produce my most artistic work. I get inspiration and ideas from external sources.

Q. What is your preferred material to work with (clay, metal, etc.)?
A. Clay


Mahnaz Saedi


Q. Who buys your tiles? Are they locally purchased, or from clients from around the world?

A. Since I am new to this, I don’t have any customers yet. I’m working on a producing a complete set of work. In the meantime, I am still working and experimenting with color patterns and glazing for the tiles.


Mahnaz Saedi


Q. How do people hear about your tiles?
A. InstagramFacebook and my website.

Thank you Mahnaz! I wish you much success in your pursuit of following your passion in producing handmade tiles!


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  • Fantastic.
    Her tile works are very professional.
    I am a potential customer for her product.
    Wish her success

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