Tile of Spain Manufacturers Present Top Micro-Trends, Shaping A+D in 2021

Matte Finishes: Apavisa

Matte Finishes: Apavisa

This year, Spanish tile manufacturers worked harder than ever to craft new ranges of ceramics to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving landscape of interior and exterior design. With a hyperaware focus on creating collections that foster safe and sustainable environments, manufacturers utilized production techniques that fuse the functional qualities of ceramic materials with the versatility of graphic design.

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 120 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), proudly presents the top micro-trends that will shape architectural and interior design in 2021.


The clean lines and smooth surface of this simple finish reinforce the value of simplicity and a return to ceramic’s purest roots. These honed looks provide a simple backdrop for the subtle and natural variation of raw materials allowing them to shine.


While previous chromatic palettes were all about infusing color, this year we anticipate a shift towards more toned-down designs. There will be a strong rise in neutral blues and greens encompassing entire collections to stimulate tranquil and calm settings. This scheme will be accompanied by accent pieces in super saturated deep blues and emerald greens to add a dose of color.


With the preference for more demure designs, shading becomes vitally important. The simplest and most effective way to manipulate shade is through texture. Collections featuring hypnotic surfaces will offer spaces a unique sensory experience full of depth and interest.

Elements of Nature: Mainzu

Elements of Nature: Mainzu


Organic graphics full of simple wood grains mixed with light and dark nuances become tension anchors for designs, in contrast to the aggressive & imposing stone looks of the past. In this trend, we enter into our second range of layered neutrals that spin from deep red and rusty terracotta through the mid-spectrum browns of woods and oxides through to the peachy, honeyed tones of raw lumber or fired earth.

Dynamic Design: Aparici

Dynamic Design: Aparici


As technology grows and progresses, we see a rebirth of ceramic art. Painting styles, graphic design and other art-forms find fertile soil in decorative ceramic elements. Designed to be flexible in their use and equally suited to be used as accents or entire fields.


The diversity of geometric tiles and the versatility they deliver elevate designs and create a more interesting look. Ceramic collections featuring ornate motifs can be combined with more simplistic designs to infuse drama in residential and commercial spaces. While multilateral formats paired with structured quadratic tiles keep the eyes dancing across walls and floors.


From intricate veining patterns to warm golds and cool silvers, the desire to indulge in eye-catching ceramics holds a space in trending looks. Large-format slabs featuring smoky marbled streaks combined with the soft shimmers of iridescent details will remain the protagonist to conceive glamourous interiors.


We are more focused than ever on analyzing the spaces we spend most of our time in and how they perform to meet our needs. Now more than ever we must ask, how do we maintain these spaces to keep them safe and sanitized? Spanish manufacturers offer ceramic solutions infused with antibacterial properties to adorn countertops, floors walls and more, and quickly halt the spread of germs and lend to quick and chemical-free cleaning to promote more sustainable environments. Advanced gauging allows us to select the ideal format for ANY use-case and design for flexible livability without sacrificing style.

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