Stravaganza Wall Tiles from Vives Ceramica Focuses on Daring Combinations

Mesina-R Multicolor  features prominently in any design.

Mesina-R Multicolor features prominently in any design.

With a commitment to mixtures and daring combinations, Vives Ceramica redefines the rules of style by exploring the tendencies of yesterday and today with several new collections, including Stravaganza with its focus on taking ceramic wall tile to new creative levels.

Stravaganza Series

The Stravaganza wall tile series acts as the connecting link for this complete collection. It is an extensive combination of wall tiles that feature original and distinguished personalities.

Stravaganza Wall Tile Series from Vives Ceramica

The novelties are the wall tiles Sassari and Cassi. Both are available in 45x120cm rectified, and are pieces designed and decorated with the clear objective of demonstrating a spectacular level of naturality with an artisan character.

Within the Stravaganza series of wall tiles are:

  • The Roses relief, subtle and delicate, with simple lines but with an important presence on the walls. It comes in four basic shades: White, Beige, Grey and Taupe, and in the 25×75 cm format.
  • The Galatina wall tile gives us its connection with nature and its taste for refined design. Made in two shades, Avellana and Canela, and in a 25×75 cm format, Galatina invites you to enjoy its delicate relief with all the senses.
  • Bright and vibrant, the Siracusa Multicolor wall tile fills the room with charisma. A fresh reinterpretation of terrazzo that adapts to all styles. Available in three formats, 25×75 cm, 32×99 rectified and 45×120 cm rectified.
  • The Brera-R wall tile with a timber appearance, ideal when you are looking for warmth in the rooms. The visual power of its ribbed relief does not go unnoticed, adding elegance to the design. This wall tile is available in the rectified 32×99 cm format and in two shades, Avellana and Canela.
  • The Mijas-R wall tile, in 32×99 cm rectified format, is a piece of art in itself that conveys the beauty of geometrics and reliefs in four color versions (Blanco, Beige, Gris and Taupe).
  • The Mesina-R Multicolor (32×99 cm rectified) takes us to the creative Art Deco world transferred to our present days. On a white base, the prominence of this decor are its shapes, colors, textures and contrasts. A result, without a doubt, that does not leave you feeling indifferent.
  • The walls take on a greater decorative importance with the Marbella-R wall tile, in 45×120 cm format. Suggestive reliefs in continuous shapes that dress the rooms with their imposing volumes. It is manufactured in the four neutral tones of the series (Blanco, Beige, Gris and Taupe) and matte finish.
  • The Banús-R wall tile imbues the space with serenity and harmony thanks to its soft vertical reliefs and its natural wood appearance. It is available in four color versions (Blanco, Beige, Gris and Taupe) and 45×120 cm format.
  • The Tivoli-R wall tile represents the natural elegance of wood that has been worked on until a relief of maximum sophistication is obtained. It is available in the rectified 45×120 cm format and in three versions, Avellana, Canela and a Multicolor version which magnifies the optical effect of depth.

For more information about this collection and others, visit Vives Ceramicas’ website.