Provenza’s ‘Unique Travertine’ Offers Boundless Architectural Options

Provenza Unique Travertine

Unique Travertine from Provenza is an ode to the tactile beauty of travertine stone. This versatile collection reinterprets a classical material from a fresh, highly contemporary viewpoint: a complete project, with additional inspiration from the various ways travertine can be shaped.

The range for Unique Travertine runs from the most natural options, such as: Vein Cut with its familiar lengthwise vein pattern created by cutting in the vein direction: Minimal, inspired by the way the underside of the travertine slab is shaped; Ruled, with its three-dimensional grooves and ruts; and Ancient, with a sophisticated timeworn effect ideal for period renovations and projects with a vintage mood.

Provenza Unique Travertine2

Unique Travertine is the ideal blend of a classical material and contemporary architectural potential. With an assortment of materials, this collection lends to creative design schemes that are distinctive, from the most traditional to the most daring and experimental.

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