Florim USA Introduces Digital Texture™ Glaze Technology


Florim USA, an innovator in US porcelain tile manufacturing and manufacturer of the MILE®stone brand, proudly announces the introduction of Digital Texture™. This cutting-edge innovation marks a significant advancement for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the surface of tiles, creating a unique tactile experience, reminiscent of natural, random textures.

Digital Texture™ technology produces dimensional surfaces with precision, realistic detail and movement. This advancement not only creates visual appeal but also optimizes production efficiency, reducing waste and increasing design flexibility. Digital Texture™ technology minimizes material use and energy consumption, aligning with Florim USA’s commitment to sustainability.

“We are excited to be the first US porcelain tile manufacturer to introduce this new glazing technology. We began implementing it in 2023, as a key component of our modernization strategy,” said Rodolfo Panisi, President and CEO of Florim USA. “With its introduction, we are proud to be one of the most advanced porcelain tile manufacturers in North America and in a position to gain market share in today’s competitive marketplace.”

For more information, visit Florim USA’s website.

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