Fincibec Adds Monocibec, Century to Ventilated Façade/Cladding Offerings

Century's Proxima with an exposed fixing system

Shown is Century’s Proxima porcelain tile with an exposed fixing system

High quality Monocibec and Century fine porcelain stoneware is now available to architects, designers and engineers through Fincibec Engineering, the program dedicated to the development and production of ventilated and glued facades.

Available with both visible and concealed fixing systems, ventilated facades guarantee optimum living comfort for new and renovated public and private/residential buildings. The use of fine porcelain stoneware on the exterior of a building offers numerous advantages, including: protection of the structure from the elements; improvements in thermal and acoustic performance; and more.

Numerous collections from the Monocibec and Century catalogues have been included in the program dedicated to ventilated cladding. Designers and other customers can choose from material inspirations such as stone, wood, marble, cement and resin, in a great variety of sizes, colors and finishes, to fully respond to any stylistic or technical need.