Expo Revestir 2024: Four Days of Brisk Activity, Trend-Setting Brazilian Tile Designs

Expo Revestir 2024

Image: ©Arpi Nalbandian | Tileometry

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Part 1 of a Series

Celebrating 40 years of developing and strengthening the Brazilian ceramic tile sector, ANFACER (National Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Similar Products), the promoter of the 22nd edition of Expo Revestir, celebrated a successful event that brought together a global community of architects, builders, distributors, retailers, specifiers, and designers.

Together with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency) and Ceramics of Brazil, the four-day event held March 19-22 in São Paulo’s Expo Center focused on showcasing and promoting Brazilian tile, coatings and finishing exports. With more than 1,300 international visitors from 80 countries, the 65,000 square meters exhibition venue brought together more than 300 exhibiting brands to the largest of its kind event in Latin America.

Ceramics of Brazil

Image: ©Arpi Nalbandian | Tileometry

Kicking off four full days of innovations, trends and business promotion, the ceremony was attended by Sérgio Magalhães, chairman of the board of Anfacer, who expressed optimism about the current scenario and the future of civil construction in the country. He also highlighted the fair’s more than 20-year history and its importance and recognition, not only in the domestic market, but also internationally.

The event also featured speeches from authorities and representatives of institutions in the sector. Among them, Douver Gomes Martinho, President of the Paint and Varnish Industry Union (SITIVESP); José Carlos Martins, Chairman of the Board of the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC); Rafael Cervone, President of the São Paulo State Industry Center (CIESP) and 1st Vice President of the São Paulo State Industry Federation (FIESP); Daniele Alonso, São Paulo State Deputy, and Maria Paula Velloso, Industry and Services Manager at ApexBrasil.

Expo Revestir

Image: ©Arpi Nalbandian | Tileometry

To fully grasp the enormity of Brazil’s position in the global ceramic tile and stone sector, here are some up-to-date stats to consider:

  • 3rd largest ceramic tile producer in the world
  • Ceramic tile makes up 6% of Brazil’s construction material industry GDP
  • 6th largest exporter in the world

Impressive and still growing!

What was more sensational was the constant flow of excitement and activity among the attendees, and members of the invited international press members such as myself, observing the electrifying environment that was consistent throughout Expo Revestir!

Expo Revestir 2024

Image: ©Arpi Nalbandian | Tileometry

Further, four days on the show floor revealed several emerging trends among the exhibiting tile manufacturers, including:

  • Old Word/Terracotta
  • Large Format Ceramic Tile Panels
  • Dimensional/Tactile Wall Tile
  • Biomimicry/Biophilia
  • Larger, Exaggerated Veining
  • Color Blocking
  • Metallics
  • Induction Cooktops/Countertops

With so much material and new tile designs to reveal, stay tuned for a multi-part, detailed recap of this incredibly eye-opening event!

Grupo Fragnani Ceramicas

Grupo Fragnani Ceramicas. Image: ©Arpi Nalbandian | Tileometry

Finally, and most importantly, my heartfelt gratitude to Ceramics of Brazil, Anfacer, Apex Brasil, and the ORBIZ teams for their attention to details, incredible hospitality, and wonderful opportunity to discover Brazilian tile! Obrigada!

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