Emser Announces New State-Of-The-Art Tile Testing Lab

Emser Announces New State-Of-The-Art Tile Testing Lab

Emser Tile is proud to announce the recent opening of its new in-house testing laboratory in Houston, Texas. “This new testing lab will increase our ability to consistently deliver on our promise of high-quality materials and best-in-class customer service,” the company notes.

Further, “Taking control of testing is no small feat! It requires day-to-day dedication to excellence so that you, our customers, can make responsible decisions on what works best for your projects,” Emser Tile adds.

Testing Lab Capabilities

The company says it is able to run the following tests at Emser Tech™, all of which are in line with industry standards:

  • Water Absorption (ASTM C373)
  • Breaking Strength (ASTM C648)
  • Scratch Hardness (MOHS) (ASTM C1895)
  • Abrasion Resistance (ASTM C1027)
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) (ANSI A326.3)
  • Chemical Resistance (ASTM C650)
  • Stain Resistance (ASTM C1378)

Watch a short video of its new testing facility in action and learn more about the tests they run on the company’s blog here!

For more information, visit Emser Tile’s website.

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