Decocer to Showcase Geometric, Soft-Hued Ceramic Tiles

The Bouquet collection features brightly colored tile that represent floral and vegetable prints.

The Bouquet collection features brightly colored tile that represent floral and vegetable prints.

Decocer, a ceramic company specializing in the design and manufacture of small-size tiles, will once again be present at Coverings 2023 in Orlando (Booth #4601, Tile of Spain Pavilion).

During the four days of the show, Decocer will show to customers, distributors, architects, and interior designers of the North American market its new designs that feature high added value and are tailor-made for each client.

For this international show edition, the company offers soft tones, unique and differential sizes, decors inspired by nature, pieces that recall traditional craftsmanship, graphics inspired by hydraulic floors, and always in small and unique sizes.

Hexagons on demand

Hexagonal pieces are one of the differential sizes of the signature design of the ceramic company. In this case, the Argos Sky collection is presented in 17.5×20 cm (7″x8″). Decocer shows the front of a bathroom in which pieces in white and sky blue tones are combined. They are delicate pieces with small reliefs and inlays making drawings on the pieces that generate movement and recall the delicacy of a handmade product.

In addition, it presents a unique three-dimensional or 3D hexagon, the Evoque Rock piece, in the 14X16 cm (5″x6″) size, which can be combined with flat pieces, allowing to play between smooth and volumes to design murals full of life and movement.  With it, designers and interior designers can make all kinds of drawings on the walls and allows thousands of creative possibilities and customization of spaces.

Continuing with hexagons, Decocer has also designed the Geode ceramic floor tile in the 17,5×20 cm (7″x8″) format. This hexagonal floor tile is inspired by natural stones in brown and beige tones, which gives a special warmth to the spaces. They are all different pieces with sweeps of varied shades, which allows to break the monotony.

In its exhibition at Coverings, the manufacturer has prepared the Decocer Enjoy exhibition, a carefully curated ceramoteca, or library of ceramic tiles, with all the options it offers for the design of custom-made small-size pieces: sizes, shades, textures, bases, finishes, allowing for infinite choices and combinations.

Art Deco-inspired Floral & Vegetable Prints

Small details and graphics inspired by nature are also a trend. Decocer presents the Bouquet collection, brightly colored pieces of 20X20 cm. size that represent floral and vegetable prints as if it were a botanical garden of the last century. They are elements that make us travel to a renewed modernist style with a touch of high contemporaneity and elegance.

Another of the proposals, the Dreams series represents a unique geometric shape, a piece that draws a feather. The collection is inspired by the exoticism of seabird feathers, an element widely used in Art Deco. It is a very unusual size that is offered in 8×21.5 cm (3″x8.5″), and in a wide range of colors to select a la carte.

Contemporary and Handcrafted Hydraulics

One of Decocer’s strong proposals for this season are geometric patterns and inspiration from hydraulic floors, a booming trend in interior design. With a great decorative beauty, the ceramic company has an infinite variety of models of mosaics and hydraulic tiles inspired by the ceramic tradition.

Among the proposals for hydraulic tiles, you can choose between pieces with handmade or modernist patterns, contemporary or minimalist style, all of them with many ornamental possibilities that bring freshness and movement.

For more information, visit Decocer’s website.