Confetto from Marazzi Offers Minimal, Timeless Tile Surface Options

The new Confetto collection from Marazzi

The new Confetto collection from Marazzi features small-size porcelain stoneware tiles, straight-edged to enable installation without joints, uneven surfaces, and unique three-dimensional effects. The collection evokes the look and feel of hand-made tiles, with a strong appeal to the senses generated by the human touch. However, in spite of this, it is manufactured in a certified high-tech industrial closed cycle designed to reduce both use of natural resources and environmental impact, notes Marazzi.

The “sugary” look (Confetto is Italian for sugared almond) is achieved in a wide assortment of 12 colors in two sizes, 5×15 and 10×10 cm. The collection is completed by the Savoiardo 3D structure (5x15cm) in the same range of colors, which is a reworking of the historic Canne d’Organo collection, designed for Marazzi by Nino Caruso in the early 1970s. The Savoiardo structure tile has a slight oval dimple in the middle which emphasizes its three-dimensionality, its light/shade contrasts, and its hand-made look. Confetto is an effective tool for the design of attractive interiors immune to passing styles and fashions, with a special, hand-made beauty.

For more information and details, visit Marazzi’s website.

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