CASBAH from WOW Design Conjures Mediterranean Beauty

Wow Design's Casbah Collection

Wow Design’s Casbah Collection

From Wow Design comes Casbah, a collection with a natural fired clay appearance in a matte finish, inspired by the Muralla Roja project (Alicante, Spain) by well-known architect Ricardo Bofill.

The architect built a series of apartment blocks on the Mediterranean coast, evocative of the adobe fortresses found in the north of Africa that skillfully merge with the surrounding landscape.

The collection is available in a 12.5×12.5cm format in colors ranging from natural talc or sand to vibrant Mediterranean colors, such as blues, reds and earthy shades. The tiles feature volumetric geometrical designs, evocative of the fortresses set amid rocks.

For more information, visit Wow Design’s website.