ABK’s Dolphin Series Inspired by Venetian Mooring Posts

ABK Dolphin Auto-Leveling

The DOLPHIN collection by ABK continues the company’s research into porcelain tile products that mimic timeworn and visually-striking wood.

In this case, the source of inspiration for the Dolphin series are the famous Venetian briccole, the mooring posts or so-called “dolphins” used in the lagoon, which need to be replaced periodically once the submerged portions have been damaged through exposure to salt water.

These posts, named after the dolphins that guide boats into the harbor, are cut into planks with characteristically long, thin cracks caused by the prolonged action of the waves, as well as the traces of color produced by contact with the salty water. These unique details are reproduced with a high degree of realism in porcelain, creating a surface with an original personality that is ideal for highly decorative floors and walls.

The creativity and experimentation underpinning the DOLPHIN collection can also be used to create customized surfaces consisting of slats and decorative insets with a polychrome brushed effect. The range also includes the special 20×120 cm aged strip with an antiqued R11 nonslip texture, particularly suitable for exterior floors.

Available in six colors (Milk, Clay, Oak, Moon, Grey, Coal); and sizes 40×170 cm, 20×170 cm, 20×120 cm, 7×28 cm sestino rectified, and 20×120 cm aged rectified. For use in residential and light commercial building, floors and walls.

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