Montblanc from Cifre Defines Rustic Elegance

Montblanc from Cifre Ceramica

A combination of Montblanc’s solid field tiles and patchwork tiles evoke a rustic feel to this bathroom design.

Montblanc by Spanish tile manufacturer Cifre Ceramica is a series that expertly fuses practicality and refined taste. The color palette of the Montblanc collection embraces warm shades of beige and gray, as well as cool shades of blue.

The collection is further enhanced by decorative patchwork pieces designed to resemble the colors found in watercolor paintings and intricate mosaics.

Further, the Montblanc collection includes mosaic and multi-color modules, as well as matte and glossy finishes (applies to monochrome wall tile and decors pieces; excludes the patchwork series).