Island Stone’s Halo Edging Brings Modern Geometry to Natural Stone Mosaics

Island Stone's Honeycomb Cobbles mosaic tile in Sterling Grey

Island Stone’s Honeycomb Cobbles mosaic tile in Sterling Grey

Island Stone is introducing a fresh approach to mosaic tiles with the launch of Halo Edging. This sophisticated method produces a finished look by combining a distinct geometric shape with the one-of-a-kind, handcrafted beauty of stone mosaics. The pieces can be used for walls and floors, indoors and outdoors, and are also ideal for larger expanses and applications.

The innovative technique starts by defining a perimeter shape with precise placement of specially cut stones. With the outer edge established, the center is filled in by hand selecting and tightly placing individual stones to create the finished tile. As a result, the modern geometric mosaic tiles combine the best of both worlds: finished tiles ready to be placed en masse in a repeating pattern while still maintaining the feel of natural stone mosaics. Though the industry currently has mosaics in geometric shapes, creating those shapes from non-geometric, naturally occurring, and custom-placed individual stones is truly unique.

The Halo Edging technique launches with Honeycomb, a hexagon shape measuring just under a foot, tip to tip. Each piece is made with natural Indonesian stone in Random, featuring tumbled shapes, and Cobbles, which boasts a pebble-like appearance. Both styles are available in six color blends: Beige and Tan Marble Mix, Beige Marble, Sterling MegaMix, Sterling Grey, Tan Marble, and Grey Marble.

“At Island Stone, we’re known for our expertise in creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind mosaics, from the sourcing of natural stones from locales around the world to the precise hand-placement of those stones in the finished product,” explains Sander Nauenberg, director of sales & marketing. “With Halo Edging, we wanted to blend that expertise with growing consumer demand for geometry.”

The mesh-backed hexagon mosaic pieces are installed by using standard spacers to create a ¼-inch grout joint.  A contrasting sanded grout is recommended to highlight the design.

About Island Stone

Island Stone took root in Indonesia, where company founders were inspired by the nation’s handicraft industry and natural stones to create the flagship Perfect Pebble Tile. The company’s original mosaics diversified into various other natural mosaics utilizing exotic stones. Today the company’s design continues to evolve, sourcing from distinct locales around the globe and featuring a range of natural stone mosaics, glass tiles and mosaics, as well as quarried stone tiles, mosaics, and wall claddings. Through its Island Timber division, the company crafts wall cladding from salvaged woods from historic buildings in Indonesia.

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