Walker Zanger Introduces Minimalist Textural Collection: Gubi

Walker Zanger Introduces Minimalist Textural Collection: Gubi

With the successful additions to the Shift™ Collection and the release of the classically-inspired Pietra Gris tiles and mosaics, North America’s most beloved stone and tile brand, Walker Zanger, has unveiled another hallmark collection to their impressive roster of residential and commercial tile products, the minimalist Gubi Collection.

Inspired by intricate patterns found in nature, Gubi fascinates with carved stone-like irregularities and subtly weathered, natural-look finishes that bring character and charm to ceramic tile, one of the most practical materials in interior design. Giving a minimalist textural beauty to walls, countertops, floors, fireplaces, and pools, the collection provides limitless opportunities for use in residential and commercial spaces.

“The beauty of Gubi comes from its understated character,” affirmed Suzi Portugal, VP of Design and Sourcing for Mosaic Companies (Walker Zanger’s parent company). “Each tile has its own unique character. The minute-scale of the patterns creates new looks for the tile at every distance and angle.”

Walker Zanger has fashioned a collection that is elegant enough to uplift designs, yet rugged enough to make for realistic use in nearly all applications. The Gubi Collection pushes forward the limits of what ceramic tile can do visually, tactilely, and actionably with water absorption higher than 10%. Making for a flawless application for interior and exterior floors, walls, showers, and with mosaics items also suitable for pool/spas.

The Gubi Collection is comprised of five contemporary, textured patterns and includes four 12”x24” field tiles, four 24”x48” field tiles, eight 12”x36” wall tiles, and four 12”x12” porcelain mosaics all available in four neutral shades.

For more information, please visit www.walkerzanger.com.

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