Soci’s Summer Tile Collections Feature Cement, Porcelain and Waterjet Lines

Soci's Brickwork tile series in Mocha Natural

Soci’s Brickwork tile series in Mocha Natural

Soci has unveiled an extensive new tile launch and line extensions — more than doubling the company’s most popular porcelain lines. The new product lines include a unique cement series with striking patterns, exquisite waterjet mosaic line extension and nine versatile large-format porcelain collections that feature fix industrial cement looks, two wood looks, a terracotta look and a crisp 3-D textured look.

“Soci’s beautiful hand-made Cement series is an emerging design choice among trendsetters who are drawn to chic Moroccan-inspired patterns and eco-friendly colored tiles,” said Leslie Dalton, marketing and purchasing director of Soci. “Great for residential or commercial spaces, our new cement and wood look porcelain lines allow our customers to never need to sacrifice style for durability.”

New Product Introductions

Cement Series

The alluring Cement series is a modern take on a historic design of authentic Moroccan encaustic cement tile patterns – one of today’s most sought after tile trends. Sure to make a “wow” statement, the series is offered in 8” x 8” pieces with six patterns: Cosette, Veneta, Fenchurch, Heirloom, Regency and Gramercy.

Cement Series - Gramercy

Cement Series shown in the Gramercy pattern

Cement tiles can perform in most applications, including commercial with the correct sealant.


Porcelain Cement Look

Kronos Series

With a semi-polished cement look, the Kronos series provides a slight sheen that adds dimension. The series is offered in three modern colors (Marfil, Gris and Graphite) in a rectified large-format 24” x 24” size. Additionally, Soci offers a 12” x 36” grooved plank wall tile creating stylish depth with three colors: Tide Marfil, Tide Gris and Tide Graphite.

Brickwork Series

Aged with dark tones and white speckles, the Brickwork series (shown above) offers the stunning look of exposed brick that provides a textured design and industrial look of cement. The series is available in three industrial colors (Grey Natural, Mocha Natural and Titanium Natural) in a large-format 10” x 40” size.

Jacquard Series

Emulating the texture of cement, the Jacquard series gives a modern masculine feel to a contemporary space. Available in a rectified 24” x 24” size and a 2” mosaic on 12” x 12” sheets, the series comes in three distinct colors (Grey Natural, Graphite Natural and Ivory Natural).

Build Series

Replicating the appearance of a well-worn cement surface along with bits of exposed aggregate peeking through, the Build series replicates cement that has been walked on thousands of times creating a unique pattern. The Build porcelain series is available in three light grey hues (Ivory Natural, Grey Natural and Graphite), in a rectified 12” x 24” size and a 2” mosaic on 12” x 12” sheets.

Loft Series

The Loft series instantly adds a rustic flare to any space with the look of aged cement. The series is available in three colors (Latte, Chai and Mocha) in a rectified 12” x 24” size.

Terracotta Look

Terre Series

The Terre series creates an earthy look of a generations-old, terracotta floor with multi-colors of rust, beige, white and gray on each plank. The porcelain collection is available in an oversized straight edge 10” x 40” size and is offered in three colors (Ice Natural, Sand Natural and Rosso Natural), each with high color and texture variation.

Soci's Terre Series

Soci’s Terre Porcelain Tile Series

Wood Look

Camper Series

The Camper series emulates the appearance and patina of reclaimed timbers in any space in the form of a durable and low maintenance porcelain tile. The two light, airy colors (White Natural and Ash Natural) work well in contemporary and traditional spaces and are available in a 10” x 40” size.

Dust Series

The Dust series evokes a sense of history and timeless beauty of reclaimed wood that offers rich colors and visual textures to each piece. Available in three earthy colors (Marfil, Ceniza and Tierra), the Dust collection is offered in the large-format 8” x 47” size.

Textured Look

Arch II Series – 3-D Textured

The Arch II series brings three delicate 3-D designs for a crisp, clean and contemporary feel. Cable Cross features a sculptural wave effect that delivers a beautiful finish to the wall. Terrace adds an artistic and dramatic flair to any wall with its slight textured surface in Blanco color. Surge, a slightly raised leaf design, is available in two gentle colors (Pearl and Blanco). All three designs are available in 12” x 36” sizes specifically for wall applications.

All porcelain collections can be used in interior and exterior, commercial and/or residential on floors and walls and in wet areas, while Arch II may only be used on walls in interior and exterior, commercial and/or residential and in wet areas.

New Line Extensions

Waterjet Series

The graceful intertwining of Dolomite, stone accents and stainless steel create a truly captivating design within the Waterjet series line extension, which now includes six new patterns (Encore, Merge, Zodiac, Tufted Harlequin, Knot and Metric). The range of traditional to modern blends create a refreshing new look to these stone mosaics that is both trendy and timeless.