Sicis’ Vetrite Transforms Sunrays into Energy


Always committed to the search for new goals, both in coating materials and the transformation of its products into something that goes beyond the simple ‘surface’, the company has now got involved in the field of renewable energy, developing an innovative photovoltaic product.

The large glass slabs of Vetrite, a material with cutting-edge aesthetic and technological qualities, which will now be transformed into a source of energy.

Sicis Vetrite

In addition to being a transparent photovoltaic product, the final slab will have the peculiar characteristic of being also decorative and thus fully respond to the architectural needs of the moment, at the same time differentiating itself from a glass or transparent photovoltaic window.

The new achievement is the result of the agreement signed by SICIS with the company Glass to Power, a spin-off of the Bicocca University in Milan, which is an expert in producing nanoparticles for transparent photovoltaic panels.

In fact, following the achievement of product certification, CE marking, and SICIS scale-up, Vetrite® Research & Development is now working on integrating nanoparticles. The result is a 100% Made in Italy SICIS-G2P decorative photovoltaic panel.

For more information, visit Sicis’ website.

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