Scarabeo Presents Step, An Avant-Guarde Shower Tray

Scarabeo STEP show tray

The STEP shower tray, conceived, produced and patented by Scarabeo Ceramiche, evolves and enters the market with a wide range of different sizes designed to meet every type of need, both in terms of space and aesthetics.

STEP is not a simple shower tray but an e-gres surface, made in a single block with a thickness of 25mm that can be cut to size during installation and is perfect for mounting flush with the floor. A solution that eliminates any issue.

In addition to the possibility of customization, STEP is now available in numerous standard sizes that further facilitate the choice by minimizing any installation intervention.

STEP was designed with a view to environmental sustainability: the industrially produced ceramic reuses all the mixtures and residues from the production process. The result is a ductile material that is incredibly resistant to the most frequent uses and suitable for the most extreme environmental conditions.

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