New Contemporary Tile Trends, Designs from Gardenia Orchidea, Versace Ceramics

Gardenia Orchidea's GIOIA collection

Gardenia Orchidea’s GIOIA collection

The optimism of color and decoration, together with the industrial appeal of oxidized metals, were the key themes proposed by Gardenia Orchidea during this year’s Cersaie exhibition in Bologna, Italy.One of the most striking new products showcased by Gardenia Orchidea is GIOIA, a collection of ceramic wall tiles and decos featuring highly creative designs. Through its use of color and varied graphic motifs, GIOIA revisits the wallpaper trend and transforms the walls of the home into unique, eye-catching backdrops that can be admired as works of art.

Gardenia Orchidea's Oxide collection

Gardenia Orchidea’s Oxide collection

The OXIDE collection stands out for its contemporary style and highly realistic surfaces that reproduce the tactile and visual appeal of oxidized metals. The iridescent colors and glossy-matt sheen create products with an almost three-dimensional look.

The Maximus collection

The Maximus collection

Under the Versace Ceramics brand name, Gardenia Orchidea is emulating the exclusive lifestyle experience of the world-famous fashion house. The MAXIMVS collection brings together luxury design and fashion with the unique appeal of the finest marble, further enhancing the material’s beauty thanks to the dimensions of the large-format ceramic slabs and the shimmering surface effect. Inspired by the Italian marble traditionally used in stately homes, the collection brings a touch of exotic allure and the opulence of precious stones.

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