Island Stone Introduces Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles

Lava Glass in Solid AshLava Glass in Solid Ash

A paradoxically cool glass tile line, Island Stone’s Lava Glass mosaics incorporate iridescent and undulating surfaces that play with light in water. The shimmery, wetscapes look is sensual and inviting, ideal for pools, showers, and other water and water-adjacent applications. The fused glass tile features durable back paint applied at over 1,025 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the tiles a brilliant, pearlescent color spanning the light and dark tones of each across a single mosaic.

Developed by glass tile experts, Lava Glass is highly durable, meeting or exceeding all industry requirements for use in exterior freeze-thaw environments and submerged applications found in ANSI A137.2.

Lava Glass 1″ x 2″ Offset in Solid AshLava Glass 1″ x 2″ Offset in Solid Ash

The tiles come in six colors—Burning Ice, Cool Tropics, Deep Flow, Hazy Wave, Liquid Rock, and Solid Ash—evoking the blues and greens of island waters.

Available mosaics include 1″ x 1″ straight set and 1” x 2” offset, along with corresponding 1” x 2” V-cap trim. The tiles are suitable for interior walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace walls (not in firebox), shower walls, exterior walls, and pools, spas, and water features.

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