Introducing Ranieri Lava Stone at Coverings

Ranieri Lava Stone at Coverings

Ranieri Lava Stone handcrafts precious Italian lava into exquisite surfaces using 400-year-old stone from Mount Vesuvius. Exhibiting for the first time at Coverings in Booth N773 in the ICE pavilion, Italian trade agency, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 5-8. The company is showcasing their latest collections of glazed, patterned, and natural lava stone. Full size samples of multiple lava stone collections will be on display in the booth.

Several unique surface options are available:

Bare Lava – The raw unfinished lava with grey characteristics is transformed into standard tile shapes and custom dimensions. Bare Lava stone provides a natural, organic look with a textured surface and matte finish.

Glazed Lava – Vibrant colors inspire new ideas for designing with glazed lava. Lava stone tiles are coated with an enamel glaze and fired at a very high temperature to increase the material’s high resistance to temperature fluctuations, exposure to water and UV light. In addition to standard color offerings, Ranieri can produce custom colors for one-of-a-kind project designs.

Decorated Lava – Classic and custom patterns are hand-painted onto solid lava stone. The end result is a mix of exquisitely glazed patterns painted onto the natural grey lava which becomes the background for the design.

Ranieri has rediscovered the 17th century art of Vietri hand-painting techniques traditionally applied on terra cotta tiles. Ranieri’s skilled artisans use this same ancient hand-painting technique on volcanic stone transforming the designs into incredibly strong, resistant, versatile, and contemporary styles.

The companies’ vast product range includes tile applications suitable for wall cladding, flooring, countertops, sinks and furnishing pieces for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces and indoor and outdoor settings. Thanks to Ranieri’s team of artisans, they are able to recreate any idea that the client has in mind in terms of project scope and colors.

For more information, please visit the company’s website here.

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