Introducing Emotive Ceramic Wall Tile from Florida Tile

Florida Tile's Emotive shown here in Pride Blue Glossy

Florida Tile’s Emotive shown here in Pride Blue Glossy

Florida Tile‘s new collection of ceramic wall tile links art, aesthetics, and the built environment. It challenges you to be brave and make magic. It invites you to build a space to create…or decompress. Offering a full range of both neutral and dramatic colors, shapes, and textures; it prepares you to incite an emotional response from all who enter. Emotive allows the moment to be seized…or escaped completely. 

Available in 10 colors: Astonished White, Bashful Beige, Coy Grey, Triumphant Taupe, Gratitude Dark Grey, Envy Green, Pride Blue, Mischievous Red, Stoic Brown, and Bravado Black, all come in glossy or silk finishes. Pressed 3×6, 3×12, and a 4×9 trapezoid field tile, along with 3×6 and 3×12 bullnose options are available in all colors and finishes. Exquisite three-dimensional, glossy listellos in all colors softly resonate to round out the line.


Emotive ceramic wall tile is appropriate for all interior, residential and commercial, wall and backsplash applications and is GREENGUARD® certified.


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