Earth + Technology: Florim presents Earthtech

Florim's Earthtech

Earthtech is the new Florim collection that tells a primordial story with an eye to a responsible future. A technical product with a tactile design and name that represents its multi-faceted nature: “earth” as a timeless material and as a planet to respect and protect, and “tech” as innovation and a synonym of high performance.

Drawing on Florim’s extensive architectural expertise, Earthtech transforms raw material into “technical earth” with its Terrazzo effect on a colored-body ceramic product that gives a new form and resistance to one of the oldest building elements.

The collection injects new life into the earth through a sustainable production process, with a strong focus on green management, to offer the architect an exceptional technical and aesthetic performance in compliance with the socio-environmental context and the latest eco-friendly building needs. With Earthtech by Floor Gres, a brand focused on the technological creation of materials which respect nature, earth becomes “technical earth” with a highly innovative content, offering new solutions to green architecture and fulfilling the new frontiers of circular economy in construction, guaranteeing a sustainable future.

Available with a choice of organic textures, thanks to the wide range of finishes (Comfort, Glossy-Bright and structured), which add a tactile and unexpected perceptive dimension for use in all types of application.

For more information, visit Florim’s website.

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