Decorative Wall Tiles from Atlas Concorde Add Texture, Balance

Aplomb from Atlas Concorde

Aplomb from Atlas Concorde is a collection of decorative interior wall tiles designed for elegant, modern, and contemporary environments. Thanks to their strong yet discreet personality, these decorated wall tiles create pleasant atmospheres with relaxed, calming tones.

The collection features delicately shiny tone-on-tone patterns that emerge from the smooth surface with evocative three-dimensional relief effects. The soft, delicate colors and light textures were developed for those looking for sophisticated, modern, and balanced solutions for decorative wall tiles for interiors.

The collection features two textures: Minidots and Stripes, further enhanced by the choice of the 50×120 cm format. Five delicate, powdery colors animate the textures: White, Cream, Canvas, Lichen, and Denim. The range of decorative tiles features floral motifs (Leaf, Leaf Lux, Canvas Flora) and abstract motifs (White Mesh, Fabric Light, Fabric Dark. Finally, three different mosaics expand the collection with original details: Mosaico Triangle, Mosaico Arc, and Mosaico Net.

Minidots and Stripes are made with a delicately shiny material that brings out the fine dots and thin lines from the matte, impalpable background surface. The two textures – almost imperceptible at a distance – come to life with unexpected flashes when the light strikes the surface. The slight three-dimensionality of the material makes the Minidots surface pleasantly soft to the touch. The vibrant alternating embossed lines are amplified by delicate chiaroscuro shading that emerge from the background of Stripes. The dimensions – 50×120 cm – make it modular to most porcelain floor tiles in the Atlas Concorde range.

With its soft, soothing colors, Aplomb is the ideal wall tile for cozy, bright interiors. Though designed primarily for the bathroom, it’s also perfect for kitchens, shops, and commercial spaces.

More information about this collection can be found here.

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